why cant i see photos on messenger

There are many reasons why photos are not showing up in Messenger. But in this I am going to tell you some specific reasons and important reasons.

Update the Messenger app

Go to play store or app store and update the messenger app.

Clear the Messenger app cache and data

Go to settings and clear data of messenger app.

Restart your device

Try restarting the mobile.

Photo permission

Go to mobile settings and click on messenger application. After that you will see the messenger. Go to Permissions by clicking Messenger and OK all permissions.

How to do it in iPhone.

Go to iPhone Settings and click on Privacy then click on Photos.

Temporary server issue

Sometimes photos are not sent due to server issue of Facebook Messenger.

Reinstall the App

Reinstall Facebook Messenger

Update Operating System

If there is a software update in the mobile, complete it.

Internet Connection

Messenger can't see photos because of slow internet connection.

Don't use a VPN

If the problem persists, contact Messenger

Always download facebook messenger from google play store or app store.