The Silent Alarm: Unraveling the Mystery of Why My iPhone Is Not Ringing

If you get an important call and your iPhone doesn’t ring, you won’t know who called. If it’s an important call, you can lose a lot. If your iPhone doesn’t ring, what to do, know all that. See you here.My iPhone is not ringing this is common problem for all iPhone users.

If you get a call from your wife and your iPhone doesn’t ring, you will go home and have a big fight. In such a situation, the ringing of the iPhone is very important.My iPhone is not ringing: So we miss very important notifications.

Why is the iPhone not ringing?

There are many reasons why the iPhone does not ring. Due to the setting of the ringing volume in the iPhone, your iPhone will ring. You can see the following reasons why the iPhone does not ring.

Common Causes of iPhone Not Ringing

  • Mute switch: Turn on the mute button on the side of the iPhone. If the mute button is off, no matter how many calls and messages you receive, they will not ring.My iPhone is not ringing There is a mute button behind it. That’s why the iPhone doesn’t ring.
my iphone is not ringing
  • Volume settings: You should make sure that the volume of your iPhone is turned on or not. If the volume of the iPhone is low, the ring of the iPhone will not ring much, so you will not understand whose calls have come and gone. There is a volume up button on the side of the iPhone, you can press that button to make the volume up. can increase more.
  • Do Not Disturb mode:You should make sure that the do not disturb mode is on or off in your iPhone. If it is off, you will receive call messages and any notifications but you will not hear their sound. So turn on the do not disturb mode only when you want.
iphone do not disturb mode
  • Reset Network Settings: After doing all the settings in the phone but if there is no sound then you have to reset the iphone. To reset iPhone you have to go to settings of iPhone and reset iPhone.
  • Hardware issue:If your iPhone has a hardware issue, then your iPhone will not sound. You can check the speakers. If there is a problem in your speakers, then if someone calls on the iPhone, you will not hear the sound.

Update iOS and Apps

Even after doing all the settings, if the call sound of the iPhone does not come, then you need to update your iPhone. If there is a new software in the iPhone, it needs to be updated.

Headphone or Bluetooth connection:

If your iPhone is connected to Airpods, please disconnect it, otherwise all sound will go to Airpods and you will not hear call sound.

Call forwarding

If you have turned on call forwarding in your iPhone, all your calls will go to another number, so whatever calls you receive, you will not receive a voice.

Apple Service Center

If your iPhone doesn’t sound even after taking all the measures, you can go to apple service center. In Apple Service Center you will find all original parts.


Experiencing issues with your iPhone not ringing can be frustrating, but with the troubleshooting steps outlined in this blog post, you should be able to resolve the problem. Start with the simple solutions like checking volume settings and toggling the Ring/Silent switch, and gradually move towards more advanced troubleshooting steps if necessary. Remember to always keep your device updated and regularly back up your data to ensure a smooth user experience. If the problem persists, reaching out to Apple support or visiting an authorized service center may be necessary to diagnose any potential hardware issues.

  1. How can I ensure that I don’t miss important calls if my iPhone is not ringing?

    You turn on LED Flash Alert in iPhone so if you receive a call, the flash light will blink and you can pick up your call.

  2. Can a third-party app cause my iPhone not to ring?

    There are many third party apps which will prevent your iPhone from ringing. If you find suspect apps in your mobile then uninstall them first.

  3. Why is my iPhone not ringing, but the call shows up on the screen?

    So your speaker must have a problem. You should immediately take the iPhone to the Apple service center.

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