The Ultimate Guide to Mud Flap App: Boost Your Vehicle’s Style and Protection

Mudflap app is very important for Truckers because by using Mudflap app you get huge discount on diesel. Mudflap users save up to $100 per fill-up. Truck drivers and fleet managers find the Mudflap diesel discount app to be a widely used resource to lower expenses related to fuel. The app offers various notable characteristics and advantages.

Mud Flap App Reviews

Mudflap provides truckers with a convenient way to save money on diesel fuel purchases. We have partnered with a network of truck stops and fueling stations that offer discounted fuel prices exclusively to our members. With Mudflap, you can fill up your tank without breaking the bank. In the context of the trucking industry, a “trucker mudflap” typically refers to a mudflap or splash guard that is installed on the rear of a commercial truck or trailer.

How Does The Mud Flap App Work

The Mudflap diesel app is a complimentary application that helps truckers conserve cash on gasoline. It functions by negotiating discounts with truck stops nationwide and passing those financial savings on to vehicle drivers. To use the Mudflap application, motorists initially need to create an account and add a settlement method. Once they have done that, they can search for vehicle stops dealing with Mudflap price cuts. Chauffeurs can look by location, fuel kind, and various other criteria. When a driver has located a truck stop that offers a Mudflap price cut, they can merely tap the “Get Fuel Code” switch in the application. The app will generate a one-of-a-kind code that the driver can reveal to the cashier at the truck quit. The cashier will accredit the pump, and the driver can begin sustaining. After the vehicle driver has completed fueling, Mudflap will automatically charge their payment approach for the affordable price of the fuel. Vehicle drivers will certainly also get an IFTA-friendly receipt from Mudflap.

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The Mudflap Fuel Card Advantage

The Mudflap Fleet Card is a Visa fleet card that allows fleets to use Mudflap anywhere Visa is approved and save on every gallon pumped. Fleets can save up to $100 per fill-up at over 1,600 getting-involved vehicle stops nationwide. Even if a fleet can’t find a Mudflap nearby, they can still use the Mudflap Card to acquire reduced gas anywhere Visa accepts. Fleets will certainly obtain a 2 cents per gallon discount for all purchases out of network.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the Mudflap diesel app:

  1. Download the Mudflap app from the Google Play or the Apple Application Store.
  2. Create an account and add a payment method.
  3. Search for vehicle stops that offer Mudflap discounts.
  4. Tap the “Obtain Gas Code” switch at the truck stop you wish to use.
  5. Show the fuel code to the cashier at the truck stop.
  6. Pump as much gas as you require.
  7. Mudflap will instantly bill your settlement approach for the reduced fuel cost.
  8. You will obtain an IFTA-friendly invoice from Mudflap.

Mudflap Fuel App Customer Review

Diesel Fuel Discount Apps?

Mudflap App is best Diesel discount app.

is mudflap app legit?

Yes, Mudflap app is legit.

How does mudflap make money?

Mudflap makes money primarily through affiliate commissions. Mudflap partners with fuel stations and truck stops, and Mudflap earns a commission for every gallon of fuel that is purchased through the Mudflap app or with the Mudflap Fleet Card. Mudflap also makes money through advertising and sponsorship deals.

Who owns mudflap app?

The Mudflap app is owned by Mudflap, Inc., a privately held company headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Mudflap was founded in 2016 by Sanjay Desai, a former engineer at Google. Desai’s vision for Mudflap was to create a platform that could help truckers save money on fuel.

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