Exploring iOS 17 Features: What’s in Store for Apple Users

The features of iOS 17 support only the newly launched iPhone series other than iPhone XR and iPhoneSE 2nd generation. Features of iOS 17 can also be seen in iPad. Just like iPhone has iOS 17, iPad has iPadOS 17. Both are almost similar.


Every year Apple launches many new products and also introduces the latest versions of its old products. Till now many iOS versions have been introduced by Apple for iPhones, iPods and iPads. This time Apple is going to introduce iOS 17. For which people are eagerly waiting. In this article, we will discuss the release date of iOS 17, the ways for downloading it, the advantages of standby mode, battery life improvements in iOS 17 beta, and IPSW files for iPhone and iPad. Many new features have come in iOS 17 which can make your iPhone better than before. With all these features coming in iOS 17, the functioning of your iPhone will become better and faster than before. More outstanding features are going to be seen in it than all the iPhone features till now. So let us know the iOS 17 features in detail.

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When Will The iOS 17 Be Available?

Customers are eagerly waiting for iOS 17, so it may be released in the middle of this year. It is going to introduce IOS 17 to the world in its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. After the announcement, several beta are developed for developers and later a public beta is distributed for users to test the new features and give feedback. After few months of beta testing the final version. goes to the public.

Wait for iOS 17 Release and Download

You can subscribe to updates from Apple official website or sign up for notifications from Apple on upcoming release of iOS 17. When the official release is announced it would be convenient for you to easily download and install iOS 17 on your compatible device. To do this, you just need to navigate to your device’s Settings, select General, and then Software Update. You can start downloading and installing it from there if iOS 17 is available.

Standby Mode – a new feature in iOS 17

This feature helps in increasing the battery life of your device. Whenever you do not use your device, it will automatically go to standby mode, due to which background functioning will stop and battery life will be saved in your device. When it is in standby mode, calls and important notifications or mails will keep coming on it, because it does not consume much of your battery. Standby Mode is revolutionary for those who depend on their devices all day. This ensures that your device is always on while also increasing its battery life.

iOS 17 Battery Life Expectancy.

Battery life is a major concern among most iOS users. With respect to battery performance, Apple has been working to optimize battery life for the Apple iPhone user. The company intends to prolong the life of the battery on the compatibles devices through software upgrades and optimization using iOS 17. With iOS 17, Apple’s smart power management will deliver longer battery life to your device whether you are surfing the Web, streaming videos or using resource- hungry apps

iOS 17 Beta 2: Test New Features in Advance

Apple provides a beta testing program, where users are given a chance to try and preview the latest features and enhancements before their official release. One of the beta versions made available to developers and beta testers is iOS 17 Beta 2. You can offer Apple valuable feedback on any bugs or issues that should be dealt with before the final release by participating in the beta testing program. Beta versions can have some bugs or instability problems, so it is a good idea to put it on your additional device instead of the main one.

iPhone/iPad Software Files, or IPSW, are firmware files with the operating system of iPhones, iPads, and iPods. They can assist you when you want to manually install or restore an iOS version on your device. You can go to trusted websites that offer firmware files for Apple devices and IPSW files for iOS 17. Kindly check to ascertain that the IPSW file of your specific device model is the right one and follow the instructions to install it into your device properly


First of all, talking about the features, a new feature of contact posters has been added to the phone, in which this contact picture appears on the call receiver’s phone during any regular phone call or a Facetime audio call. This can be changed as per choice. A new feature for transcribing the caller’s live call has been added to it. In this feature, the user transcribes the caller’s words in real time through voicemail. The user does not even need to touch his phone. This is a common feature in phone features, but it is a very useful feature. In this, the user can set two different ringtones on both his SIMs. And any unknown no. When you receive a call from another SIM number, click on the info button in the recent section at the same time. You can call back from.


If you are calling someone on Facetime and if he does not pick up your call, then you can send him a video message. And along with this, it also has some security features like if you want to restrict calls from someone, then you can do it by going to the settings. For this, you just have to go to the Facetime setting and enable silence unknown callers. By enabling this option, you can stop any spam or unknown calls.


The health app is now available on iPad which maintains the records of your medicine consumption. It tracks your feelings and tells you about your mental feelings. All you have to do is open this app and bring it close to your face, after which it tells you about your mood and also gives you suggestions for mind.

All other apps

iOS 17 comes with many features and improvements, such as Standby mode, which the user can use as a desk clock. It can download and keep maps for offline use, spotlight search provides app shortcuts, improves visual look-up, and it is so smart that it automatically blurs sensitive content. All these features can improve many habits of any user. It works like an idol device.

Due to the feature of Interactive widgets on the home screen, the user can easily get widgets. In most of the phones, since the widget is never on the home screen, one has to search for it, but to save this time, iOS 17 has now placed widgets on the home screen.

You can mark reminders and play or pause music through widgets. To reset any changes made on the home screen, one only has to shake the iPhone, which resets it.
Some of the better features of the iPhone are SharePlay, namedrop, and AirDrop. This is because the files that take hours to share in Androids are done in just one swap. Like in SharePlay, to start Apple Music, TV, or other apps, it is possible only by bringing 2 iPhone devices close.

In Namedrop, to share the contacts of any other device or the contacts of the user’s device, only both devices have to be brought close, after which they are automatically shared. And through AirDrop, you can use it by coming within the WIFI range of any iPhone device.

iOS 7 Features Video


iOS 17 is an upcoming release that is expected to deliver great new features, better battery performance, and improved performance. Though no specific date for release has been set, you could use Apple’s official channels to get updates. After the unveiling of the new operating system, the user can simply download and install the latest iOS 17.

iOS 17 aims to enhance the user experience even further with such additions as Standby Mode and developments in battery life optimisation. You may be interested in trying out the new features before their official release. Join the beta testing program. Keep in mind that you may use IPSW files for manual installation or restoration, but exercise care while doing so.

iOS 17 is on the way – stay tuned for Apple’s announcements to make sure that you are amongst the first to experience all that is new and improved about it.

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