How To Empty Trash iPhone

We take a lot of videos and photos in iPhone. When we hit delete, everything accumulates in iPhone trash. If we want to delete trash of iPhone, then we will understand how to do it in this blog.

You will get information on how to empty the iPhone trash and how to bring back the videos or photos that you have deleted in the trash folder of the iPhone. How To Empty Trash iPhone It is not difficult, you can do all this in a few seconds.

How to Empty Trash on iPhone

  • Click on Photos Icon
  • After that you click on Album
  • click on Recently Deleted Folder
How To Empty Trash iPhone
  • Then click on Select button above
  • click on Delete All option

After doing all this, the trash folder of your iPhone will be empty and thus the internal memory of the iPhone will increase. But once everything is deleted, you cannot recover it again. Therefore, if you want to delete the photo or video permanently, empty the trash folder.

How to Empty trash on iPhone 13

There is no such specific folder of trash in iPhone. If you want to delete trash in iPhone 13, then you have to go to each folder and go to recently deleted and delete all manually.

How to Empty Gmail Trash on iPhone

  • click on Gmail Icon
  • Click on the three lines above on the left side
  • Then click on Trash folder
  • click on Empty trash now
How to Empty Gmail Trash on iPhone

How To Delete Notes on iPhone

  1. open the NOTES app on iPhone
  2. click on Recently Deleted Folder
  3. Then click on Edit button
  4. click on Delete All button
delete notes on iphone

Advantages of deleting iPhone trash

Deleting the trash of the iPhone will increase the memory in your iPhone, so the iPhone will work faster. Even if you do not delete the trash of the iPhone, the trash will be emptied automatically within 30 days.

How to delete trash Messages in iPhone.

There are many messages coming in iPhone. Therefore, it is very important to delete the trash of iPhone messages. By deleting the trash of messages, the memory increases, so space is created for new messages. By doing the following steps, you can delete messages trash from iPhone.

  1. click on Message icon
  2. Then click on Filter option
  3. Then finally click on recently deleted button
delete iphone trash messages

Can emails be recovered after being deleted from trash?

Unfortunately you cannot recover back. That’s why you should make sure to delete the trash folder of emails.

Is there any setting for automatic trash emptying in iPhone?

No. There is no such setting in iPhone.

Is there any third party app through which we can manage trash in iPhone.

yes. There are many third party apps that allow you to manage trash.

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