How to Dial an Extension on iPhone: A Comprehensive Guide

How to dial an extension on iPhone is very much needed in Corporate Phone Systems as well as Conference Calls and Virtual Meetings. You will get information on how to use Dialing extension in iPhone.

How to call an extension on iPhone

You can add calling extensions to iPhone using the following method. Calling extensions are very useful for commercial purposes.

  • First, open the phone app in iPhone.
  • Dial the main phone number.
  • Hold down the asterisk (*) key until a comma (,) appears.
how to call an extension
  • Dial the extension number after the comma.
  • Then click on call button.

This way you can use calling extension in iPhone. How to dial an extension on iPhone is explained in a very simple way in this website.

How to type extension on iPhone

After the call is connected, calling extensions in iPhone can dial as follows.

  • Open the Phone application on the iPhone.
  • Dial the main phone number.
  • After that you will get a message to enter automatic extension number.
  • You can then enter the extension number using the iPhone keyboard.

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How to enter an extension on iPhone

If you are calling someone the same, save their number along with the extension. So you never need to enter the extension after calling him.
  • You can dial an extension using a third-party application on the iPhone. As the extension is saved in the third party application, you can easily dial the extension. You don’t have to do any hard work for it.
  • You can dial a calling extension in iPhone through an automatic system.

How to dial an extension on iPhone is explained in a very simple way in this website.

How does phone extensions work

People who have a large business in one building use calling extensions. A call is connected to a particular department using a calling extension.Information on how phone extensions work is as follows. When we dial our main number then we have to dial the extension number. After dialing the call extension number your call goes to a particular department.

What does phone extension mean

Before understanding what does phone extension mean, you need to know what an extension is. We can call a particular department through a phone extension. People who have big business and want to call one of their particular department can call particular department through extension. Using a phone extension does not waste their time. How to dial an extension on iPhone as well as all the information about what is an iPhone dialing extension has been given.

How to dial an extension on iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you can also dial an extension on an iPhone using Siri. Using Siri you can dial extension numbers very quickly. It saves your time.

How to dial ext number?

To dial extension number you need to dial your main number. After that you have to long press on the star. You can then dial the extension number.

What is my phone extension number?

Extension numbers are used for large businesses. If you don’t know your extension number, you can ask your partner. Or if you’ve set up voicemail on your iPhone, you’ll find your extension number there too. Also you will get your extension number in your company directory.

How to dial extension on iPhone 11?

To dial an extension in iPhone 11, first dial the number of the person you want to call. You can then dial the extension by pressing the star button. Similarly, all iPhones have the same method of dialing extensions.

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